Puja Service

pujaIn the Tibetan tradition, it is customary to commission prayers in monasteries when difficult life situations occur such as illness, deaths and other obstacles, to support and provide relief to the familiy members. You can also commission or sponsor prayers and pujas in the Milarepa Retreat Centre. In accordance with your request, Drubpön Chödön will determine the suitable date for the prayers and pujas and perform them. You are also welcome to send a photo of the person involved. The amount of your donation for your request is not as important as your motivation.

We donation suggest 20 € to 40 €. Our suggestions are only reference points, you decide freely in accordance with your financial possibilities and your wishes.



Statue Filling

statueIf you would like to have your Buddha statues filled and sealed, Drubpön Chödön will do so in accordance with the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Drubpön Chödön will calculate the amount of filling required for a particular Buddha statue’s size and the amount of work involved, and will let you know.

Costs for filling statues:

Small statues starting at € 25,00 
Medium-size statues starting at € 50,00 
Large statues starting at € 100,00

(These prices are reference points)


Announcements of H.H. Drikung Kyabgon Thinle Lhundup

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NEW: The Online- Dharma-Shop just opened!

We kindly invite you to a visit.

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New: Renting of Seminar- and Conference Rooms


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Weekly Meditation at the MRZ




Everyone is welcome to attend regular meditations and introductory courses.


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