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H.H.Drikung Kyabgon Thinley Lhundup

The Hevajra / Nairatmya Project in the Marpa Ngok Tradition

His Holiness has officially announced that the Milarepa Retreat Center in Germany is the place where the Hevajra Tradition will be revived and the teachings on the Mar-Ngok-Hevajra-Tantra will be a most prominent project. Thus he has set up a program according to which – starting 2021 - every year there will be a Hevajra- and Nairatmya- Drubchen from the Hevajra -Mandala. In 2020 there will be no Hevajra Drubchen. His Holiness wants to complete the teachings on the most profound Hevajra Root Text, the basis of our practice in the years to come. Every day His Holiness will also guide a short Hevajra practice Marpa travelled three times to India to receive empowerments and teachings and to practice there. A great many of Marpa`s transmissions go directly back to Naropa. Hevajra from the 13th Mother Tantra was Marpas`s main Yidam. It is the wish and vision of His Holiness to reestablish the importance and position of Marpa in the Kagyu tradition. Furthermore he wants to revive the transmission given by Marpa to his disciple Ngog Chöku Dorje – especially the Hevajra Mandala with 9 deities and the Nairatmyia Mandala with 15 deities. This was in danger to get lost and extinct and shall now be preserved for future generations.
For further information, please visit: www.mar-ngok.org

The Program of the Hevajra / Nairatmya – Project since 2016

September: During the Monkey Year Teaching at Milarepa Retreat Center His Holiness conferred the Nairatmya Empowerment.

Announcement of the big Marpa Ngok Hevajra / Nairamtya Project.

August: Completion of the first Hevajra Drubchen in Europe at the Milarepa Retreat Center.
His Holiness conferred the great Hevajra Empowerment and gave teachings on the history and the revival of the Hevajra Marpa Ngok Tradition, on the empowerment, the sadhana, chapter 2 of the Hevajra Tantra and on related commentaries.

May: The first Nairatmya Drubchen takes place.
His Holiness conferred the Great Nairatmya Empowerment and gave teachings on the Sadhana. His Holiness gave us an insight in Marpa’s commentary „ Bum-Chung Nyima“ ( First Part, First Chapter)

September: His Holiness will give the short Hevajra-Empowerment and teach extensively on „Tak-Nyi“ (tib.), a commentary on the Hevajra-Root-Text. Practice sessions in the evening.The Hevajra Root Text has two parts. Every part has around 10 to 12 Chapters. H.H. has the intention to teach the whole text.

October: His Holiness will lead the Hevajra Drubchen.



Winter Teaching 2020 in Jangchubling (Dehra-Dun, India) with H.H. Drikung Kyabgon Thinley Lhundup


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Urgent Fundraiser from Garchen Buddhist Institute in Arizona


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Winter 2020

Perfect time for personal retreats

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Karma Yoga Activities
February / March 2020


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Renting for your seminar

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The International Great Shravasti Buddhist Cultural Festival 2020



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Vikramashila Research and Translation Project

Under the Guidance of Khenchen Nyima Gyaltsen Rinpoche

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