Five-Years-Yidam-Retreat-Program for Vajrayogini or Hevajra/Nairatmya

led by Drubpon Rachel and Giorgio Savigliano


This program was developed due to the wish of students who wish to deepen their practice from the basic up to the full yidam retreat and completion stage practices in a comprehensive, systematic way.
It is designed for people who are ready to make a commitment to daily practice and yearly solitary retreat, but still have a worldly life to maintain.

Year 1: Contemplative Retreat on the Four Thoughts, Refuge and Vajrasattva

Year 2: Mandala, Guru Yoga and Special Ngondro of Bodhicitta

Year 3: Yidam Retreat either Vajrayogini, Nairatmya or Hevajra

Year 4: Shamata,Vipasyana and Mahamudra

Year 5: Tsalung, Trulkor and Tummo

Drupon Rachel Dodds will give teachings and transmissions necessary for all the levels of practice through the Prelimaries, yidam deity, Shamata, Vipassana, Mahamudra, and Tummo. Students will be able to choose the yidam they wish to practice between Vajrayogini, Hevajra or Nairatmya. Nairatmya or Hevajra students will need to have already received the empowerment from His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Thinley Lhundup.

Giorgio Savigliano will guide you over the course of 5 years through theoretical and practical components of breathing and body awareness. Starting from proper breathing for health, breathing for meditation up to advanced vase breathing, tsalung exercises and tummo. Anatomical aspects merged with subtle aspects of prana will be taught in detail so that students grasp the full understanding of vase breathing from a practical point of view which will help avoid obstacles often faced in the six yogas.

Together Drupon Rachel and Giorgio will guide students in solitary retreat and in their daily practice with weekly online classes and monthly discussion groups and interviews as needed for support. The course will include a holistic approach of emotional, physical and energetic techniques that Drupon Rachel and Giorgio have been applying with success in Three Year Retreat Programs and long term retreats in the Milarepa Retreat Center since 2016.

Each year there will be a one week intensive course for teachings in person. The first 2 years will be open to anyone without obligation. From the third year one needs to make a commitment for the 5 years and to complete the required solitary retreat (between 2 -6 weeks a year) and daily practice commitments (1-2 hours per day).

More details will be presented in the upcoming month!